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Louieze is a singer, songwriter and modest multi-instrumentalist from Portishead near Bristol in the UK. 


She found music at the age of 21 after she stepped in to sing backing vocals for a friend at a moment's notice. From there she discovered her voice and progressed to playing keyboards and singing backing vocals in a rock band.


Music quickly became another creative outlet for Louieze alongside her love of drawing, painting and creative writing. While she freely admits to few genuine musical influences, she does recall her teen years filled with the sounds of The Smiths and The Cure. While her Dad played Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre vinyls at full volume.


A largely self taught musician, she did manage to get herself to grade 4 piano playing Chariots of Fire before growing bored of sight reading. Fuelled by her day dreams and imagination she began writing her own music. She knew just enough piano, keyboards, bass and guitar to turn the ideas in her head into songs.


She fondly recalls the first song she ever wrote. 


“It was inspired by civil engineering genius Isambard, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain in Bristol. It began with the lyrics, you were only 22, you knew exactly what to do, vision of a bridge was in your head, he’s a genius they all said! I managed to create a paddle ship sound on the keyboard representing the SS Great Britain Ship in Bristol.”


Her fledgling career was given an early boost when she was voted to number 9 in the World Independent charts with a song called Get Out.


After taking time to perfect her craft, Louieze steps out as a solo artist with a sound that has drawn favourable comparisons with Kate Bush and Roxy Music. With a catalogue of over 40 songs recorded in her home studio and plans for a debut EP launch just around the corner, the future looks bright.

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Debut EP.

Whispers from Beyond

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